Fantabulous Friday Finds- April 12

Everywhere I go, I am seeing TULIPS!!! I LOVE Tulips so I cannot resist buying a few bunches on the weekend and all of the colour choices available makes it difficult to choose which ones to get.  I like to select a few bunches in the same colour rather than mixing it all up.



If choosing a colour has me stumped, then choosing a vase to hold them is also something that I think about.  I want the vase to compliment the colour of the flower, and also compliment the room they will live in 🙂  Here are a few of the latest vases that I have my eye on!!

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ceramic flower vase that looks like a crinkled bag

Crinkle Paper Bag


Flower Vase that looks like a woman's face

Face Vase


Flower vase with bubbles all over it

Bubble Vase


Flower Vase that looks like a purse

Purse Vase


Flower Vase that looks like a tote bag

Tote Bag Vase


Boho Flower Vase

Boho Vase



Have a Great Weekend!

Kerry Dalton