Fantabulous Friday Finds- May 10 – Summer Camp!

If your kids are off to camp this summer, lucky them!  So much fun and what a great way to spend time with friends. Being in nature, no electronics!! There  are a few items that are needed and although I’m not talking about all of the many many items, I am touching on a few that are always needed and ready to be delivered!

Luckily, they aren’t sleeping on the ground in a tent ( at least mine isn’t ), but they do need some sheets for the bed and depending on how long they are in camp and what the laundry system is like, they can hopefully get away with bringing one sheet set.  I love white linens but not for camp with all the sand, grass, dirt, etc…

Sheet Set


We also pack a sleeping bag which is mostly used as a duvet cover, but when they do a few nights of hiking, portaging and sleeping in a tent, this is much needed.

Sleeping Bag


A very durable water bottle is needed and I like this style so you can see what’s in your water, ( no drowning wasp), plus no straw is needed, therefore no cleaning of straw is needed and we all know, that won’t happen.

Water Bottle


We need to pack a flashlight or torch!  Gets dark up in nature with no streetlights and car headlights shining everywhere. Don’t forget the batteries!



Small Storage Tower... This little storage bin keeps clothing more organized and visible.  These are fantastic and can be used in a playroom, craftroom, or pantry afterwards.

Storage Bin


Sunscreen!!  This one has the sunscreen, after sun lotion and lip balm all in a handy case!



Happy Camping!!


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