Fantabulous Friday Finds- May 17 – Long Weekend Sleep In!

Not sure about you, but one of the activities that I look forward to on a long weekend is a guilt-free sleep in, or even an afternoon siesta!  Sleep is so important and overlooked, in my opinion.  There are a few things that we can do to help ensure that we get the best sleep possible and they are easy habits to form.


Noise Reduction Earbuds.  Keep the noise to a minimum! Partners or Dogs snoring, birds chirping at 4am!

Ear Buds


Lavender is a soothing scent to help relax you.. Pour some into a spray bottle and spray your pillows.


Lavender Oil


Sleep Tracker.. This is the one I want to get.. Tracks way more than just sleep as well!




Eye Mask.  I HAVE to fall asleep with one and this one is great for side sleepers, like me!


Eye Mask


Temperature Control Bedding.. Best to sleep on the cool side to promote deep sleep from the start!


Cool Bedding


Blue Light Blocking Glasses.. I wear mine after dinner when I’m still scrolling and watching TV.


Blue Light Glasses


There are also so many design tips on getting your room ready for a great sleep so I’ll touch on that soon in a longer post!


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Have a Great Long Weekend!!