Fantabulous Friday Finds- May 3 – Mother’s Day!!!

It is almost Mother’s Day.. 9 days to be exact so this gives anyone that needs to pick up something a little extra for their Moms some shopping time.  Although Moms really only want a day of rest and lots of hugs ( at least that’s what I look forward to), we wouldn’t say no to a little something extra.  These are some items that I would be very happy to have so I’m sharing some ideas,  plus know my daughter will see this 🙂

This adorable Bamboo Purse… We can wish that in our Mother’s Day Card will be a plane ticket to Palm Beach or a Tropical Island and you will need a cute purse to hold your phone and sunscreen!!

Bamboo Purse

Bamboo Purse


I don’t know about you, but I could use some extra hydration for my hair and this is an 8 hour MAGIC over night hair serum to nourish and boost shine, so…. yes please!


Over Night Hair Serum

Hair Serum


I love flowers and I buy them for myself pretty much every Friday, but it would be fun to see how your family selects, and hopefully arranges them in a vase for you. I love the charcoal tint of this vase.

Charcoal coloured glass vase



I love the colour orange and I really love snakes, I think they have the cutest face.  I was hoping to do some family room toss cushions in a snake fabric but no one else was feeling the love for them, so this little tray would be perfect on the nightstand for earrings, watch, etc.

Small orange tray with a snake motif

Orange Snake Tray


These wicker coasters are perfect for outdoors and I love the vintage, tropical vibe they are giving.

Wicker Coasters

Wicker Coasters


Who doesn’t love a candle??  I light them at the end of the day and the fragrance from this brand is my favourite and the design is beautiful.


Jo Maolone Candle

Scented Candle



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