Recreating your Favourite Celebrity’s Bed Aesthetic!

Bedrooms are often a sanctuary for relaxation, comfort and self-expression with the centerpiece being the bed!  Celebrities spare no expense in creating a retreat for themselves full of luxury linens, plush pillows and cozy comforters. In this post, we’ll look at the beds of a few of our favourite stars and breakdown how to recreate a similar look and feel for our own beds!

Sleep Like a Star!!!

How to style a bed like Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP Inspired!


Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah’s bed is pure elegance and the Estate Collection from Sferra is the perfect fit!  Her bed is layered with white on white pillows, shams, and duvet and the benefit of this design is how versatile it is. You can select from white, or cream or even a light grey sheet and still get the same luxury effect.  Also, you have the option of choosing a contrast colour for the band or simply keep it tone on tone.

What we used

Styling a Queen size Bed in this Estate Collection from Sferra will start with an amazing percale fitted sheet.  Next layer the flat sheet with the sateen colour stripe of choice on top and remember to lay the flat sheet upside down so the stripe is face down.  This way, when you fold it back over the duvet, you will see the stripe! Next, add your duvet cover and lay it flat on top of the fitted and flat sheet, and get ready to fold down the flat sheet and duvet cover about 20″. If using a Queen bed ( as in our example), add 2 Euro Shams, then layer 2 standard size Queen shams before adding 2 standard Pillow Cases and make sure the opening ends of the pillow cases face outwards. There you have it!  This type of bed should be pressed and wrinkle free so have fun!! lol!


Ariana Grande

This style of bed is much more relaxed and no need for ironing!!  Simply make the bed and toss the blanket on the end for a casual and inviting look.

AG Inspired

AG Inspired


What we used

To create this look we simply used a light cream sheet set from Parachute which includes the fitted and flat sheet as well as the 2 standard cases.  Then we added 2 pillow shams in the same material and colour, and simply added a cozy, linen blanket to complete the look!  So easy!


Josh Radnor

This bed speaks of charm, history and overall comfort.  Looks as though everything was picked up from different travels around the globe and everything is effortlessly cool.

JR inspired


What we used

We started out with a white sheet set from Parachute and suggesting to do 2 sets of pillow cases rather than pillow shams.  Next, layer your bed with a comfy blanket like this organic cloud comforter from Parachute in Moss. Fold a graphic throw over the comforter and then add a fun bolster in front of all the pillows.  Loving these one of  kind options on Etsy!


Courtney Cox

This look is very modern but still looks incredibly comfortable. There are so many layers added to the bed with the sheets, blankets ( looks like 2 blankets), large throw at the end.  Everything is crip and tailored and still looks so relaxing!

CC Inspired

What we used

We started off with the sheet set from Parachute in the sateen white.  Then, we will add the same material and colour of shams to sit on top of the pillows. Now we are ready to layer.  We chose to layer this Reversible Cotton blanket from from Au Lit which gives us the look of 2 different colours of blankets, then we can choose from any one of these amazing linear throws from Etsy.  Finish it off with a statement bed bolster and you’re all set!

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Hope you gathered some ideas to recreate your own bedroom space fit for the stars!