Fantabulous Friday Finds- January 26

We are constantly sourcing items for our projects and not only furniture!  When designing a kitchen, we’ll source the interior organizational tools for inside cabinets.  We’ll source hangers and baskets for inside our custom dressing rooms. We’ll find the perfect accessories for countertops and coffee tables!  Not everything needs to be silly expensive either.

When finding those unique items and go to pieces, it’s good to share!  Take a look at some items that we have used in the past and continue to keep in our bag of goodies for future projects.

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  1. Bring some beachy vibes to your space with this square, wicker tissue box holder.  I have this one in my office.  I’m ALWAYS wishing that I was at the beach!!
  2. This ceramic hand adds a touch of whimsy to my daughter’s bathroom.. Great to add seasonal flowers and greenery.
  3. This silver plated picture frame is perfect for your 5×7 photos. Love the prism detail!
  4. I love these heavy duty metal clothes hangers!  They save on space and they won’t break like my velvet lined ones do.  When designing dressing rooms, it’s so nice to have matching hangers!!  These ones would pair great with wooden/metal top hangers.
  5. This natural marble salt cellar will spice up anyone’s kitchen!  Can also be used for other seasonings/ingredients when needed.
  6. I’m starting to collect different colour dinner napkins.  I love these white, hemstitch napkins for everyday use and then they just go into the laundry and I love using vibrant colours for special occasions. (more to follow on that)


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