Fantabulous Friday Finds- February 23

I am lucky enough to have an amazing teenage daughter and even luckier to have all of her friends over on weekends.  They’re all fantastic!!  I’m amazed at the amount of items these lovely ladies can go through in a weekend!! lol!

I purchased these face cloths for make-up removal and extra pillow cases because getting mascara out of anything white is not fun!  Can never have too many of these 🙂

All of their iced coffees, diet cokes, juices, etc all end up in these tumblers.  I don’t think they drink anything without a plastic straw.  I love the colours!

This removable, double sided tape is amazing.  Anything from phone chargers, picture frames and desk supplies stick easily and it’s so easy to remove.  I’m sure I’ll find so many more uses for it.

Hope you all have a great weekend with many friends over 🙂

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  1. Double-Sided, removeable tape
  2. Colourful tumblers with lid and straws
  3. Phone accessory
  4. Dish to hold rings and bracelets
  5. White Cotton Pillowcases
  6. Wash Cloths to remove Make-Up


face cloths to remove make up, cotton pillow cases, colourful tumblers with lid and stras