Fantabulous Friday Finds- April 5

Spring is here! Even if the sun is having a hard time making an appearance as of late. But, I can see the daffodils popping out of the ground and I can hear the birds, which is amazing!  I love everything about spring from “spring cleaning” to hosing off all the outdoor furniture in anticipation of the first meal outdoors!  One part of spring that is not so sweet is the daily dog walks in the mud and rain and the four messy paws ( she won’t wear booties), that come home after those walks.

This has me reaching DAILY for Ruby’s dog deodorizer and I just had to order another paw cleaner, because I cannot find my green version of this one below.  Take a look and hopefully some items will help you and your fur baby out too 🙂

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Adjustable Dog Height feeding station

Feeding Station


Burt's Bees Dog Deodorizing spray


Hedgehog toy for dogs


Dog Leash

Dog Leash

Dog Paw Washer

Paw Washer

Comfy Dog Bed

Dog Bed


  • My Ruby is a medium size dog so it helps to have her BOWLS RAISED or else her floppy ears sit fully in her water bowl.
  • This DEODORIZER SPRAY is fantastic!  Not too strong of a smell and does the trick in between grooming.
  • The HEDGEHOG! Comes in different sizes and we go through them pretty fast, especially when Ruby’s best friend Teddy is around.
  • This waterproof DOG LEASH is great and so many colours!
  • This PAW WASHER works great!  You just dip their dirty paws in a few times and dry them off.. Done.
  • I like these DOG BEDS with the raised sides and removable covers. So does Ruby.