Things to Consider

Your foyer is your first opportunity to make an everlasting impression to your guests upon entering your home. Whether your entryway is a small area, a large area, or something in between, it should speak about your personality and the way you live.

sketchup of foyer




Start on the outside of your home, so when guests arrive at your front door, they get a glimpse of what to expect. Perhaps you have painted your door an interesting colour. Is there a clean mat for guests to wipe their shoes on prior to entering you home? Its always a good idea to have your porch or walkway clear of obstructions too. Investing in planters with seasonal foliage makes your home beautiful to look at from the street. Simple accessories to address such as, lighting, house number, mailbox. Make sure are all in working order, visible, clean and of the same style so the front area is cohesive.

blue exterior door with door knocker

metal knocker on a vintage door




There are a few essentials needed for a successful foyer. First, think of the overall mood and style you are aiming to create. Casual and inviting? Traditional and formal? Minimal and modern? Whatever your final impression hopes to say, it starts with this.

view of foyer with console table and mirror


Console Table


You will need a surface to place your keys, gloves, mail, cup of coffee! Not sure about you but when I come home, my hands tend to be full with grocery bags, a dog leash, a package left outside my door and usually a bottle of water. As soon as I get inside, I need to drop these items somewhere and this is my prime dumping ground! I need to free my hands to hang up my coat, and put away shoes. The size of your console will relate directly to the size of your space. It could be a grand circular centre hall table or perhaps is a small top of a radiator cover or even a floating shelf. Whatever you have space for, use it to its’ full potential. The console table is also a great surface to display some decorative items. A great bowl or tray for a quick drop of the keys. A floral arrangement or a small bud vase with a single flower to welcome you home. A small table lamp if you have the space, and an outlet. I love a small candy dish with mints, chocolates, mini eggs or all of the above! Books are great for adding height to decorative objects and creating depth and texture.





Essential for when you are about to leave and for when guests first arrive. Let’s be honest, we all want to make sure that there is nothing in our teeth and that our hair doesn’t look like we’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards! The mirror could be directly above the console, so be aware that the mirror should not be wider than the table itself, but it can go as high as you like! A circular mirror over a rectangular shaped console looks fabulous too! You can also mount a full length mirror directly onto your closet doors, which will be handy for a last minute self check before leaving.

Matte Black Vanity Mirror





Adding a little bench, stool or chair is a good idea for when you need a seat to put on or remove your shoes. If you are tight on space you can tuck a little bench or stool underneath your console table. You can also add a small scale chair into a corner, or at least close by for anyone who may need it upon arrival. If you do have do move it around, think about the weight of the chair and how easy it is to move around. A bench with storage is an added bonus for extra gloves, hats, sunscreen, etc.. You could also have a tall vase which houses a long shoe horn for your elderly visitors, which I’m sure would be received with much gratitude!



Wall Coverings


If your foyer is a separate room and is not open to the hallway, you can change up the wall treatment to create a unique and separate ambience from the rest of the main floor. The foyer is typically a smaller area, so a wallcovering is a great option due to the fact tat you don’t need to purchase too many rolls to cover your walls. There are some great vinyl wallpapers on the market, which is a great choice since you can easily wipe down any mess from muddy kids and pets stomping in on a

rainy or snowy day! The easiest and most economic way to create a room with its own look is with paint. Choose a colour that inspires you and it will put a smile on your face every time you come home.




It’s a great idea to have a different flooring material in your foyer than the rest of your home. This will identify the space as its’ own. It is crucial to choose a material that is easy to keep clean and is slip resistant. Porcelain tile, natural stone or slate are all great options and come in a wide variety of colours and sizes. If you do have the same flooring in your foyer as the rest of your home, a great way to identify the foyer is to ground the space with a small area rug. An area rug will keep your flooring underneath in great condition and will also aid in soaking up the moisture from wet footwear and paws! There are so many great washable area rugs on the market that can just be thrown into the washer when they get dirty. You can also opt for a 100% wool area rug, which is extremely durable and easy to maintain, just remember an anti-slip under pad. 

You can also opt for a 100% wool area rug, which is extremely durable and easy to maintain, just remember to add an anti slip under pad.  Also, I do suggest having your carpet fiber protected. The size of the carpet will depend on the size of your space, flooring material, floor pattern and furniture layout. At the very least you should have a 2×3 carpet at your door’s interior so you can wipe your shoes once inside.

Lillia Eco-Friendly Easy Care Rug | Pottery Barn


Lighting is so important as it sets the mood, creates ambience, highlights tasks and establishes wayfinding.  I like to have a ceiling fixture in the centre of the space.  This could be a drop down lantern or chandelier, or a flush mount if your ceiling height is lower.  Make sure that when you open your door, the door swing does not hit your fixture! 

Wall sconces are a fun way to add some character and whimsy into your foyer.  They can flank your mirror or a piece of art.  A great height for the octagon box to be set is around 5’-6” off your finished floor.

A small table lamp set on your console table is stunning if you have the space and an outlet.  This creates different levels of height for your light and can add focus to the vase of flowers, an amazing bowl or decorative item.  Just make sure that whatever lighting you can add to your foyer you, also add dimmer switches to control the light levels.


Royal Lighting



Your Foyer is such a great opportunity to bring personality to your front door.  Change up your accessories with the season by bringing in fresh flowers with outside blooms, seasonal treats in a candy dish and decor that relates with current holidays or celebrations.  Have fun with it!  The foyer is a necessary, functional space but it should also be inviting and give off the feeling of the entire home 🙂