Friday Finds- May 31- Side Tables!

Ahh the side table.  Not sure about you, but I have one or two in pretty much every room, and why not!?  They are essential in a social room like a living room, family room or TV room. You need somewhere to put your drink down, your phone, book, etc… These are fantastic since they are not too heavy so you can move them around, but I also like to have some that are just heavy enough so my dog’s wagging tail doesn’t throw my drink across the room.

They are great for next to a bed in a bedroom where perhaps the space is tight and not enough room for a typical night side table.

Side Tables are great in your bathroom next to a tub for the tea, book, whatever you need here and also in the water closet if you want a surface for extra loo paper, candle, etc.

Side Tables during summer for outdoors for all the same reasons, or for extra plant stands.

Side Tables in your dining room for the wine bottle to sit on when you are running out of space on the table.

So this week, I have a selection of some fun side tables that can work in any space. These essential little pieces will add organization, appeal and function wherever they turn up!


side table in a silver hammered ombre

Silver Ombre


Geometric shaped side table, wood and finished in black

Dark Wood


Elegant drink table with black and white marble

Dainty Marble


White side table in iron and chip resistant paint, white.

Curvy and Light


side table in antique silver

Antique Silver


Side table with a textured black wood finish





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Have a Great Weekend!!