Interior Design- Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

The teenage girl’s evolving bedroom… Gone are (most) of the stuffies, Archie comics and sticker books and in come the endless water glasses and mugs, clothes on the floor and friends!  It’s actually pretty great, I LOVE when all the friends are over and the laughter is filling the space.

When it comes to designing a teenage girl’s bedroom, we want to make sure the the room matches the user!  Figure out her style and of course have her involved from the get go!  I find that it can be difficult for someone to actually describe their style so I do send out a PDF with different styles that will help her to pinpoint what she gravitates to. Whether that be colour, textures, furniture or accessories. It’s really helpful.

Those are just 3 styles and of course there are so many more so we work with you and your teen to get this determined.

Once we measure the space and any furniture that will be used, we can take note of how the room is to be used.

  • Will the room be used for homework, does she need a desk?
  • Are there sleepovers, do we need to add in extra sleep space for friends?
  • Do we need a spot for make up / hair, etc?
  • Do we need a TV?
  • Are there any allergies?
  • Clothing… is there ample space for all the clothes in the closet or do we need more?
  • Windows, do we need black out curtains for weekend sleep ins?
  • Budget!!

We will go over all of the information gathered through the programming phase and start to develop some conceptual sketches and ideas.  Once we have a couple of great concepts that address any and all concerns and solve any challenges we will meet with our client ( the teen), to present these concepts.



Concept Sketch


Design Concept

What is Almost Always Needed!

Bedding!  Even if they have a desk, they will still be lounging in the bed with their laptop.  Even if they have seating for their friends, they will all be sitting on the bed and even if they have dressers and closets, the bed will be a drop zone for clothes. Fact!

I suggest a great sheet set that is easily laundered ( think mascara on pillow cases), and the investment can go towards the decorative pillows and/or pillow shams and duvet cover.  These are some great sheet sets and get 2 sets so one is always clean and ready to go!

Sheet Bundle

Sheet Set

A Vanity or Desk for Homework and Makeup!

Homework during the day and Makeup on the weekends and for more than just your teen, because it’s always more fun getting ready to go out with all your friends joining in!!

I like to use a task chair without arms so the chair can tuck under the desk completely, and for a vanity I like a small ottoman.  This way they can get in and out fast, no need to roll the chair all over and it can also be used for just extra seating when friends are over.  Super bonus if the ottoman has storage inside!

Clear vanity or console


I love using a clear waterfall console for a makeup vanity.  So easy to wash off makeup, it’s visually light, and so versatile.  Thinking it could be used later in a first apartment as a console table in any room!



A desk with drawers to hide all the pencils, markers and too many charging cords to count.  A piece like this is also something that could move into another room in the future. Behind a sofa, in a foyer, and room underneath for ottomans.


Desk Chair

This is a simple desk chair, no arms and no wheels.. The style is great and comfy as well!



Perfect little ottoman for under a vanity with hidden storage, comes in other colours as well.


Area Rug!

Even if your teen’s bedroom has wall to wall carpet, I suggest adding an area rug or a runner in her room to add some more colour/pattern and texture.  I did a blog post all about carpet size here. I find that most teens want a more sophisticated and subtle carpet with softer colours.


Teens have soooo much STUFF!!  Clothes, makeup, lotions and potions, books, stuffies, and just things!!   So we need to make sure there is ample storage so they can stay organized and clutter free.

Nightstands as wide as possible with drawers for clothing storage are a must.  I like doing 2 matching nightstands if the room is large enough but not always the case. When the nightstand is wide enough, you can easily add a table lamp, tissue box, book, etc.. If the nightside table needs to be smaller due to space, then perhaps a wall sconce would be better than a table lamp, that way you clear up more real estate on the surface.

Dressers as wide as possible and if there isn’t enough space then opt for a tall dresser for more clothing storage.  Now we have  a great surface for some items gathered together on a tray off to a side, balance it with a display or jewelry box on the other side or in the middle.  Great wall space above for a mirror or art.


Bookshelves, either custom to fit the space perfectly or purchased from a store.  Extra clothing can be stored in decorative boxes or bins and live on the shelves amongst books, photos, and other favourite items on display.


Storage Basket


Storage Basket

Under Bed storage should not be overlooked.  Out of season clothing can be tucked away out of site and clear up space in the closet. Easy to switch out at the end of the season.


Under Bed Storage


Under Bed Storage


Another Mood Board for a teen’s room makeover.

Here we are limited with space so we are going with a great daybed that will look like a sofa.  We’ll keep the furniture monochromatic and neutral and add pops of energy with a vibrant raspberry and hits of gold!

Teen Mood Board


Boho Makeover!

This client has a green thumb!  She has such an impressive collection of thriving plants so we are keeping her space light and airy full of natural elements with some additional storage.


Boho Bedroom Concept

Concept for Boho Bedroom

Boho mirrors


Wall Decor



Lattice Display Box


Ring Dish


pink and red decorative box

Decorative Box


Every teen has their own unique taste and they’ll all gravitate towards different colours, textures, artwork and accessories.  This should be a fun process and include them as much as possible. These are the fun items they’ll pick up on vacations, shopping trips, vintage finds, DIY’s, personal collections. This is usually the last layer of design in finishing a room and it never really ends.  We are always evolving and our tastes change so these items may be moved around to other rooms or they may be seasonal, they are always growing.



Have Fun with your teen as this is such a great way for her to express her style and personality 🙂

Reach out if you need any assistance in creating your Teen’s space!!   We’d love to help!

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