Everyone needs some great trays in their home!  They gather up clutter and they make everything feel and look more organized which is something that I am all about!   We use them in Family Rooms to hold all the remotes, scented candle, coasters for the drinks.  We use them in kitchens to gather up the salt and pepper mills, olive oil and vinegar, fresh herbs.  We use them in Bathrooms to keep all the lotions and potions together in one, convenient location.  We use them in Bedrooms on nightstands to hold the glass of water, book, flowers, candle and a great spot to leave your watch and rings at the end of the day.  Easy to see how versatile they are.

This tray is pretty great!  It’s a beautiful blush colour in a faux stingray with brushed gold handles. Amazing size at about 24″ x 24″. You can use it in any room that needs a little help with organization and a shot of fresh spring colour!


Stingray tray in blush and gold for home decor

Home Decor Tray


Blush Tray