Clutter Clear-Out!!

With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to clear out the over-stuffed bins and playroom closets!  Including your littles in the task can help them feel useful, and the prospect of donating toys they have grown out of helps set the stage for the season of giving!  Below we have included some helpful hints on how to create a space the kids can call their own, with an emphasis on functionality, family and fun!


One of the main issues parents complain about is CLUTTER!  Having a variety of storage options helps to eliminate this issue.  Depending on the age of the children using the playroom, a few different heights is crucial.  For a family with a young toddler who should be kept away from toys with mouth size pieces, a higher shelf or cupboard that is not accessible to the toddler is a must!  This will also help teach the older kids a sense of responsibility, knowing they have to put their toys away to keep their baby brother or sister safe!  Softer bins can be placed on the lower shelves of the units, so that baby can pull these out and explore safely.  Choosing bins with a variety of textures on the outside can also help with sensory development.  Be sure that you use a safety strap that bolts into the wall to avoid any toppling of shelves.


Left:  This wide designed shelf from Matrix Kids Furniture is handy for storing books and toys.






Below:  This super fun and functional toy chest from Kathy Kuo Home has wheels on it, making it versatile in any space.

Seating – Comfort For All!

The size of your playroom will dictate how many seating areas can be created.  As well, creating a few different seating options that will appeal to all ages is optimal.  On those rare evening when Mom and Dad get their date night, Grandma and Grandpa may be watching the kids and they will need seating that is easier to get in and out of. This beautiful boucle swivel chair from Kathy Kuo Home is durable and and doesn’t take up too much space.  Another great idea is a glider chair that can be used for late night feedings, but also by Grandpa watching the littles play!  During the after school hours, the older kids might choose to do their reading in this cozy chair!Another option is this amazing beanbag chair, easy for the toddlers to climb into without fear of falling!  These are also great for playing board games on the carpet as they are so close to the floor.  They are also great for gaming, if your kids have grown to the age where the playroom is becoming a game room!  This Moon Pod comes in two sizes, regular and super!  You can also buy a multitude of accessories for this Moon Pod to fit your ever changing lifestyle.

The older your kids get, the more the room will morph from a playroom to more of a multifunction space, including study and homework area.  Comfortable yet sturdy chairs are useful for desk areas as they promote better posture and support the spine while working.  Make sure that there is no clutter under the desks that can distract hard-working tweens from completing their tasks.  It is useful to have an adjustable height chair so that many members of the family can use the seat and still be comfortable.
Above: These couches from Figgy double as fort building tools!  They are super kid proof, offering the option of water-proof liners with your order.

Space Race

Whether your playroom is massive or mini, the ability to create separate spaces lies in the planning.  The first piece of the puzzle is to decide the main purpose of the various areas.  Once you have decided that, and how many areas you need, you can start to accessorize.  For example, if one area of the room is to be dedicated to homework and study, a desk and print area that is clear of clutter and distractions is essential.  Finding a desk that isn’t too big or too small depends on the space and the age of your kids.  Finding one that isn’t too babyish is key for longevity of the piece.   Adding a fun statement piece, like this Cactus Bookshelf below, is a great way to create a unique area to hang out and read!


One major purpose of the playroom is, PLAY, of course.  This looks different to different age groups, but one thing is for sure, the floor is always a good spot for board games.  Lounging on the floor on a lazy Sunday with the family can be memorable for kids and adult alike, and nothing says comfort like a cozy rug to lay on, especially if you have hardwood floors.

Below:  Fun, kid-friendly rugs from Kathy Kuo Home.


Creating a warm and inviting, yet calm space also includes some art.  There are many beautiful, tasteful and educational art pieces on Etsy, that are mindful and thought provoking, creating opportunities for the kids to ask questions and parents to have tangible examples to point to when explaining.  Some of our favourites included below are the Human Body, the Solar System poster, and of course, the Dinosaurs!  These are all topics that fascinate kids and adults alike!

In closing, there are many ways to style and create a welcoming space that your children will want to use.  If you’re fortunate enough to have an extra room that you can dedicate to the kids that is great!  If space is on the tighter side, you can create a toy nook using the tools above to carve out a space just for them!  Either way, you can rest assured that many memories will be created in this place for years to come!

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