Gift Ideas for the Young and the Not-so-Young Men in Your Life

We all know the deal – holiday season is just around the corner and we lead ourselves to believe there is lots of time to figure out gift ideas for the men in our life.  And then, before you know it, it is mid-December and we are frantic to think of ideas!  Well, fret no longer, help is here!  We have curated a group of items for all the men in your life.  Always the hardest to buy for!

The Husband

The most discerning of all men, this man is grateful for anything you may gift to him, however we can tell if he is truly thrilled!  This selection will garner a genuine smile from the lips of your beloved, after all, he’s worth it!  With these pieces under the tree, you can sit back and watch the joy begin!

  • Robe – This plush monogrammed, cotton bathrobe is the epitomy of luxury for those cool mornings out of the shower.
  • Organic Hemp Bedsheets – Breathable and hypoallergenic, perfect for any hot sleeper on your list!
  • Travel Set – Includes a pouch for documents and electronics, an eye mask and throw, all made from baby Alpaca wool.
  • Leather Office Chair – For the home office, let this gorgeous leather specimen cradle your man in comfort!
  • Bull Door Stop – We love this door stop, hoping for a Bull market!
  • Leather Ice Bucket – We love the bronzed buckle on this tan leather ice bucket.

The Father

Having doted on you since the dawn of time, you feel the need to spoil him!  And he’s earned it.  These are items that we all might like once we have lived life to the fullest and want to continue in that vein.  Some of these are chosen for their distinctive air, others are practical and the rest are just plain fun!

  • Firm Mattress – Great support for a back that’s lived a little.
  • Golf Cheese Board – For the fan of the Birdie, this is a conversation starter!
  • Decanter & Glasses – On the rocks or neat, you can choose either with this elegant design.
  • Photograph – Waves – Just looking at this piece can transport anyone to the ocean.
  • Outdoor Firepit – This striking firepit is ideal for smaller spaces but its’ impact is large!
  • Table Clock – This gorgeous brass face, crystal table clock is made from clear cut crystal.

The Son

Now grown and establishing his own likes, he is genuinely appreciative of your guidance in building his own unique space.  These items may not be on the top of his “Needs” priority list, but he will be thankful, as climbing the corporate ladder takes time, and who wouldn’t like to conquer the corporate world in style?!  We hope you enjoy these unique finds and creature comforts.

  • Bathroom Set – This masculine set takes any bathroom from bland to brilliant!
  • Skull Whiskey Decanter – This fun and edgy decanter is perfect to store his Scotch!
  • Beach Towels – For the surfer, lounger or swimmer, these organic cotton towels are light and absorbent.
  • Down Duvet – This duck down duvet creates a cozy cocoon for a dreamy night’s sleep.
  • Shot Glasses – This set includes six shot glasses and a gold tray.  Perfect for the Tequila lover!
  • Bulldog Sculpture – This makes a great gift for the dog lover, cigar afficionado or both!