Adding Decor to your Teen Daughter’s Bedroom

Our teens know what they love and what they hate and are happy to let us know 🙂  For some reason, they don’t always have an easy time expressing items or accessories that they may need or want in order to keep them clutter free and organized and  to help them create their sanctuary of a bedroom..  They spend so much time in their rooms with friends doing homework, make up, watching TV…… reading….. that we felt it necessary to put together a few of our Fav’s on the topic.

If you need design assistance to bring your teen’s room up a notch, these items are great options. Reach out to us if you need any assistance!


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  • Mirror… need we say more!
  • Brass Hand, jewellery stand
  • Pop Art Bear, cute little bear carrying a tray for the little things.
  • Storage Boxes, always a must and spend on good quality so she’ll have them for years to come.
  • Cool Coasters, for all the glasses that will end up in her room 🙂
  • Book Ends, again I would invest in something she’ll always love.
  • Custom tray, small tray for end of the day rings, change, watch.
  • Jewellery Box, love this small tower design.
  • Artwork, so personal to everyone. Etsy has some amazing artists so a great place to start!

Favs for a Teen Girl's Bedroom